Platform and mobile applications upgrade for Syria Online Project

Subject:                              Request for Proposal (RFP) No. BS-SOL-001

RFP Issue Date:             Thursday 05 March 2020

RFP Closing Date:         Friday 03 April 2020

RFP Closing Time:        17:00 Turkey time

Performance Period:   1 Month

Enclosed is a request for proposals (RFP). Baytna Organization invites qualified firms and organizations to submit a best-price proposal for Baytna Organization Platform upgrade for Syria Online project.

The requirements for this activity are described in the “Statement of Work” in Attachment I. Baytna Organization encourages your organization to indicate its interest in this procurement by submitting a proposal based on the “Evaluation Criteria” in Attachment III.

To be considered, offerors should submit a complete proposal no later than the closing date and time indicated above. Offerors should ensure that the proposals are well-written in English, easy to read, follow the instructions provided and contain only requested information.

Any questions should be submitted in writing and email to no later than five days after the issue date of this RFP. The answer will be distributed within three days from the closing date of the questions.

Attachment I: Statement of Work

Attachment II: Instructions to Offerors

Attachment III: Evaluation Criteria

Attachment IV: Proposal Cover Letter

Attachment V: Syria Online Platform upgrade / bugs-fix

Attachment I: Statement of Work

Syria Online Project aims to help Syrians to find the required job vacancies, social activities, capacity building articles, educational opportunities…etc. and start dialogues between Syrians. It also helps NGOs, establishments and companies to promote their job vacancies, activities, internships, courses and publish articles and online courses which raise the capacity of Syrians.

Baytna Organization will select and contract a qualified service provider to deliver the following:

  • Upgrade/fix bugs to the multi-language web platform for Syria Online project.
  • Upgrade/fix bugs to the multi-language Android & iOS mobile applications for Syria Online project.
  • Change the current design and corporate ID with more flexible and reliable design (Baytna Organization will provide the new identity files).
  • Deliver a copy of the platform and mobile applications electronic files (Source Codes) and all developed materials and artwork to Baytna Organization.

Assignment Description:

Baytna Organization requires qualified firms and organizations that will be able to fix bugs, upgrade and launch Syria Online platform (previously and its firmly connected mobile applications. Baytna Organization encourages the qualified service providers to come up with creative solutions employing top-notch technology.

Objective of this statement of work:

Fix Bugs, Upgrade and launch Syria Online Platform & Mobile applications by working closely with Baytna Organization IT dept.

Requirements of this Statement of Work:

Allow sufficient time for Baytna Organization team to review and edit platform design and content before launching.

The service provider must guarantee free-of-charge maintenance and edits for two months after launching the platform.

Ownership of the developed platform, mobile applications, domain and artwork belongs to Baytna Organization.

Deliverables and Payment Schedule:

Milestone No. Milestone description and Required Documentation Payment Amount
Milestone No. 1 Service provider submits:

Fixes of the current bugs of the platform and the mobile applications.

Milestone No. 2 Service provider submits:

Finalized Syria Online platform upgrade and functionality testing and beta link to Syria Online Team.

Milestone No. 3 Service provider submits:

Finalized Syria Online mobile applications (both Android and iOS) upgrade and functionality testing and submit beta versions to Baytna Organization IT Dept.

Milestone No. 4 Service provider submits:

Launch a fully functioning and bug-free platform with its mobile application (platform and applications accessible to public)


Attachment II: Instructions to Offerors

General Instructions

These Instructions to Offerors will not form part of the offer or of the Contract. They are intended solely to aid Offerors in the preparation of their proposals. Read and follow these instructions carefully.

  1. The proposal and all corresponding documents related to the proposal must be written in the English language, unless otherwise explicitly allowed. Additionally, all proposals should be single-spaced with clear section headings, and be presented in the order specified in Attachment III – Evaluation Criteria.
  2. Proposals must include only the Offeror’s own work. No text should be copied from sources outside of your organization, unless those sources are adequately cited and credited. If Baytna Organization determines that any part of the proposal is plagiarized from outside sources, the Offeror will be automatically disqualified.
  3. Proposals and all cost and price figures must be presented in Euros. All prices should be gross of tax, but net of any customs duties. A firm fixed price purchase order/agreement will be issued to the successful offeror in Euro currency.
  4. The Technical Proposal and Cost/Business Proposal must be kept separate from each other and emailed as two different files. Technical Proposals must not make reference to cost or pricing information at any point. This will enable in order the technical evaluation to be made strictly on the basis of technical merit.
  5. No costs incurred by the Offerors in preparing and submitting the proposal are reimbursable by Baytna Organization. All such costs will be at the Offeror’s expense.
  6. Responsibility Determination: Award shall only be made to “responsive” subcontractors. To enable Baytna Organization to make this determination, the Offeror must provide a cover letter, as provided in Attachment IV.
  7. Late Offers: Offerors are wholly responsible for ensuring that their Offers are received in accordance with the instructions stated herein. A late Offer will be recommended for rejection, even if it was late as a result of circumstances beyond the Offeror’s control. Late offers will only be considered at the procurement department’s discretion.
  8. Modification/Withdrawal of Offers: Offerors have the right to withdraw, modify or correct their offer after it has been emailed to Baytna Organization Procurement Department, provided that the request is made before the RFP closing date.
  9. Disposition of Proposals: Proposals submitted in response to this RFP will not be returned. Reasonable effort will be made to ensure confidentiality of proposals received from all Offerors. This RFP does not seek information of a highly proprietary nature, but if such information is included in the Offeror’s proposal, the Offeror must alert Baytna Organization and must annotate the material by marking it “Confidential and Proprietary” so that these sections can be treated appropriately.
  10. Clarifications and Amendments to the RFP: Any questions regarding this solicitation must be emailed to
  11. Baytna Organization anticipates that discussions with Offerors will be conducted; however, Baytna Organization reserves the right to make an award without discussions. It is strongly recommended that Offerors present their best offer.

Failure to agree and comply with any of the above specifications will result in the Offeror being considered unresponsive and the proposal may be rejected.

Submission of Proposal:

Proposals must be emailed as two separate files with the RFP# in the subject line:

Proposals must be delivered no later than the specified date/time in this RFP.

Offerors who do not submit their technical and cost proposals separately will be automatically disqualified.

Content of Proposal:

The proposal shall be comprised of four sections:

  1. The Cover Letter (Attachment III)
  2. Copy of the Offeror’s Valid Business license
  3. The Technical Proposal
  4. The Cost/Business Proposal

1)    The Cover Letter: should be on the Offeror’s letterhead and MUST contain the information requested in Attachment IV.

2)    Business License.

3)    Technical Proposal:

  • Should clearly & precisely address theoretical and practical aspects that the Offeror has considered and will employ to carry out the statement of work.
  • The Technical Proposal is the opportunity for the Offeror to demonstrate that the firm is “technically capable” of implementing the activity, and should demonstrate the Offeror’s understanding of and capabilities to carry out the work, and address the key issues described in the Evaluation Criteria in Attachment III.
  • The Technical Proposal should be divided into clearly separate sections following the same order of the Evaluation Criteria in Attachment III. A disordered proposal that makes information hard to find will result in lower scores.
  • If an Offeror submits a proposal that fails to respond to the majority of the information requested in this RFP, as outlined specifically in the statement of work and the evaluation criteria, the Offeror’s proposal will be automatically disqualified.

4)    The Cost/Business Proposalmust be submitted separately from the technical proposal and will primarily indicate the cost for performing the work specified in this RFP. At a minimum, the Cost/Business proposal should include the following information:

  • A detailed budget that provides a breakdown of costs by line item. Note that any indirect/overhead costs should be listed as a separate line item in the budget and should not be built into the direct costs. Use the budget template presented in the Evaluation Criteria, in Attachment III.
  • Detailed and comprehensive cost notes that provide information on each of the line items in the budget and explains why these items are needed for implementation of the activity.

Failure to comply with any of the above points will result in the Offeror being considered “unresponsive” and the proposal may be rejected.

If an Offeror provides insufficient information in their technical and/or cost proposal, Baytna Organization reserves the right to request additional information, or to request a revised proposal from the Offeror, if necessary.

Baytna Organization reserves the right to make multiple awards or no award under this RFP.

Attachment III: Evaluation Criteria

The award will be made to the offeror who present the best value (the optimal combination of technical and financial offer). Only proposals that surpass the minimum qualifying score of 70 points in the technical evaluation will have their proposals reviewed.

Item Requirement Points
Work plan Provide a draft work plan based on Attachment I, make sure to describe any innovation approaches or technology you plan to use in both platform and mobile applications. 15
Discussion board (Forum) Describe how your organization will work on the discussion board to make sure it is secure; please mention any tools / plug-ins / samples you will use for the discussion board. 15
Courses section Please describe what you will do to ensure that the courses section of the platform has the best user experience. 15
Sample materials Provide sample platforms and mobile application designs, projects similar to the proposed task will be highly recommended. 30
Staffing Please provide the relevant experience of each proposed staff members for designs, development and training. 25



City, Country


To: Baytna Organization Procurement department

Dear Sir / Madam:

We, the undersigned, offer to undertake the BS-SOL-001, Syria Online Platform and its mobile applications in accordance with your Request for Proposal dated March 05, 2020 and our Technical and Cost/Business Proposal submitted herein.

Our organization’s details are as follows:

  • Company’s Name
  • Company’s Address
  • Name of Company’s authorized representative:
  • Telephone #/Cellular Phone #, Email address:
  • Validity Period of Proposal
  • A valid Business License

Our proposal shall be binding upon us, subject to any modifications resulting from negotiation, up to the expiration of the validity period of the proposal. We understand you are not bound to accept this or any Proposal you receive.

We also certify that our organization:

has adequate financial resources including appropriate insurance coverage to perform the work stated herein, or the ability to obtain them without delay;

  1. is able to comply with the described delivery or performance schedule, taking into consideration all existing commitments and constraints.
  2. has a satisfactory performance record.
  3. has a satisfactory record of integrity and business ethics.
  4. has the necessary technical capacity, equipment, and facilities, or the ability to obtain them.
  5. is otherwise qualified and eligible to receive an award under applicable laws and regulations.


Authorized Signature:

Name and Title of Signatory:


 Attachment V: Syria Online Platform Upgrade / Bugs-Fixing

The below upgrade is a sample and not final. However, it serves as a guiding tool for the offerors to have a clearer understanding of the requested platform. Offerors should be able to provide expertise and guidance on information management and design for this website.


On Website:

  1. Changing the website theme and visual identity.
  2. Adding the button “Save & New” for all contents adding pages.
  3. Configuring the text editor to support formatting the text in a professional way (for example: the current text editor doesn’t support changing the font or the font size)
  4. Notification system for the website admin (to be shown on the top of the website) when a new company requests to be added to the platform and when a company posts a new content (currently the notifications appear in the notification page only).
  5. Adding user permissions & permission groups.
  6. Adding social media publishing schedule (Mainly on Facebook, Linked-in is recommended) with a visible content picture.
  7. The ability of printing the reports and exporting reports to the excel.
  8. The ability of controlling the office location map (which appears on the main page).
  9. Improving the search using tags.
  10. Adding reports for the users (daily users count, users count from day to day, monthly users count comparison…) and separating personal users from company users in the reports.
  11. Discussion board: timeline with the following features:
    1. The admin can enter a pool and the user can vote for one of the pool options.
    2. The admin can enter a cloud of words and the user can chose one of these words or add a new word.
    3. The admin can enter a debate (two opinions from two different public figures), the debate is few questions and each public figure’s answers about those two opinions: the user can choose which answer (individually) represent his opinion.
    4. Registered users can interact and comment under the pool or the cloud of words or the debate to explain their choice.
    5. Registered users can reply to other users’ comments under the pool or the cloud of words or the debates.
    6. Not registered people can only view the timeline and the comments without being able to interact or to comment.
    7. The admin can generate and print all possible reports related to the discussion board.
  12. The current courses section should contain the following for each course:
    1. What you will learn.
    2. Requirements.
    3. Course description.
    4. Course contents.
    5. Attachments.
    6. Trainer Profile.
    7. Questions & Answers.
    8. Trainers evaluation (stars only).
    9. Course length.
    10. Number of women / men who attended the training.
    11. Each user should enroll in order to start taking the course.
    12. Each user should pass the pre-post survey in order to start taking the course.
    13. Each user should pass the post survey to complete the course.
    14. The admin can generate and print all possible reports related to the courses.

On mobile applications:

  1. Adding the notification system (mentioned in the 4th point in the previous section “On Website:”), the notification system will only appear according to the permission.
  2. Adding the discussion board to the mobile applications.
  3. Adding the courses section to the mobile applications.
  4. Replacing the current visual identity and the theme of the applications.


  1. Bug related to user session.
  2. Bugs related to user interface appearance.
  3. Bugs related to statistics and reports.
  4. Bugs related to the search in the website.
  5. Bugs related to SEO.
  6. Bugs related to the functionality of the courses section.
  7. Other minor bugs (will be sent upon request).

For an electronic copy of this RFP, please download it from here BS-SOL-001.PDF