Baytna Library was opened on 22/01/2015 in conjunction with the second Culture Week. The Library contains a number of Arabic, translated into Arabic and written in other languages books, covering a variety of topics from politics to studies, poetry, novels, and short stories. The Library is part of our mandate to be a convening hub for civil society organizations and actors.

You might enter to the library from here

The importance of the Library stems from being one of the very few ones available in Turkey which contains books in Arabic. The Library is open to public with a moderate membership fee. The money from subscriptions is used to buy new books, renew old ones and support the Library book club.


  1. Anyone can obtain a membership in the Library by visiting Baytna premises and applying for it.

  2. The Library card is personal and non-transferrable and may not be loaned or used by a person other than its owner.

  3. The Library card entitles its owner to borrow books from the Library.

  4. Members can take an infinite number of books on condition that they do not have more than two books at any given time.

  5. Members cannot keep books for more than two weeks, renewable only once.

  6. Books can be picked up and returned during Baytna Library working hours from 10AM to 5PM Monday to Friday.

  7. If the member does not return the book on time, his/her membership will be canceled and he/she will be charged the value of the book up to the full membership fee.

  8. Member has to pay “50” TL to be returned after the membership finishes.

  9. The Library membership fee is 25 TL for a period of 6 months starting from the date of obtaining the card.

  10. The Library card is renewable on a semi-annual or annual basis.

  11. Baytna will be inviting the Library members from time to time to discuss a book or a particular topic of their interest.

  12. Baytna welcome any cash or in kind donation to the Library to add books, replace old ones or for Library general maintenance purposes.

To join us or to donate books, kindly write to

 To consult our list of books, kindly download the attached file. or search our online database.